Training & facilitation in problem solving (“CAPA”)

Training & facilitation in problem solving (“CAPA”)

Sometimes it’s called  CAPA (Corrective & preventive action), but it’s a waste of time and money if you haven’t accurately defined the problem in the first place;  the “nonconformity” is invariably only a symptom!

We help you to understand  “solutions first syndrome” so you can work out the problem before investing in the wrong solutions..these are some of the tools…

  • The Memory Jogger II’s 7 Management & Planning tools

    1. Affinity Diagram (answers by consensus – guaranteed!)
    2. Interrelationship Digraph (which has the most influence?)
    3. Prioritisation Matrices (what to do first)
    4. Tree Diagram (how it fits together)
    5. Process Decision Program Chart (risk based thinking – nothing new under the sun!)
    6. Matrix Diagram (how things interface)
    7. Activity Network Diagram ( calculate the Critical Path for your Gannt chart)


  • The Memory Jogger II’s  7 Quality Control Tools

    1. Cause & effect diagram (causal factors, no such thing as  “a root cause”)
    2. Run chart (looking for changes and trends)
    3. Histogram (the distribution of variation)
    4. Control chart (monitoring process control)
    5. Flowcharts (mapping the right sequences)
    6. Pareto diagram (80-20 rule, what to fix first)
    7. Scatter Diagram (random or not?)
  • AND…….The Prof James Reason Swiss Cheese Model, it’s the game changer!

Ian’s NCCAPA diagram, the engine in your quality system…

The continual improvement engine in an ISO 9001 system is the interrelationships between its requirements for managing nonconforming outputs, investigating their causes and taking corrective and preventive action, which is still there even though the word is no longer used.

Like all modes of transport, ISO 9001 takes you nowhere without an engine that works.  Without processes that match the diagram below, ISO 9001 is as useless as an EV with a flat battery during a power cut…

Click on the diagram for the full image…

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