Brake calculator spreadsheet

This Excel spreadsheet calculates the force on brake pads for a 50kg pedal pressure.  I call it “pad squeeze”.  It also gives a number for the comparative “feel” or “length”  of the brake pedal when the system is fully bled properly, of course.

You will need to know or measure:

  1. Master cylinder diameter
  2. Caliper piston diameter
  3. No of pressurised piston faces (ie 2 for a single-piston floating caliper coz the same pressure acts both ways)
  4. Brake pedal length (pivot to pad)
  5. Brake pedal length (pivot to clevis pin through the master cylinder pushrod)
  6. Servo diameter

Just download it to your own machine, open it up, then insert the black numbers and it calculates the blue ones.

I hope it helps…use at your own risk!

Download from here