Health & Welfare Coaching

Health and Welfare Coaching at Clearline

Since Clearline Services Ltd drew its first breath in 2009, we’ve been all about helping businesses get fitter and healthier, and we’ve done it by sharing what we’ve learned about good systems and improvement processes.  We’ve always believed business survival depends on doing things better, quicker and more economically.

Now we’re moving into doing the same for you, personally.

Health & Welfare coaching is all about prevention rather than cure.  You go to a doctor to get a sickness treated, but how about taking steps to avoid getting sick in the first place?

Currently most so-called “Health Services” are really “Sickness Services” because they offer very little preventive advice or support to those who think they’re healthy.   The old saying applies that “when all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.  What does it like if all you’ve got is a prescription pad?”

There is much you can do to avoid getting sick that does not involve extensive exercise,  consuming potions and pills or resorting to psychological analysis.

That’s where Health & Welfare Coaching aspires to lead you.


At the moment I’m working on achieving Health Coach certification from PreKure in Auckland.  Their website is here.

More to come soon.

My PreKure coaching worksheet is HERE

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